All grown up

Jonathan was so funny.
While playing with Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger, Jonathan was upset and said, “I can’t do this forever!!@}{$##**”
Then daddy asked him to say it again politely.
So Jonathan said, “I can’t do this forever pleaseeeee.”

Jonathan shows remarkable improvement in behavior.
It looks like what we worried about Terrible 4 is unfounded!

He’s so easy-going, mature, responsible, and caring. He can dress himself, eat by himself, eat a lot, go potty/ clean up, and understand so many things. He’s also a super patient brother. His memory is phenomenal, and his attention to details is remarkable. If he were born after grandpa passed away, I’d totally believe that he’s the reincarnation of my dad. (Except that my dad never got mad and screamed… Jonathan is still a screamer sometimes. :p)

Given that most schools in Palo Alto are already top-notched, I can’t believe how the “right” school has such a positive impact on Jonathan. He’s now super happy and proud of himself. Gone are the arguments about going vs not going to school every morning. And he’s now eager to get dressed and finish breakfast. He also remembers what he did at school…a lot! Lots of concepts like evaporation, condensation, water cycle, life cycle, don’t waste the water, etc. Also, numbers, additions, and patterns (ABAB AAB AAB ABC, etc.) And also lots of names. It seems like every teacher at Stratford knows him, and he knows all the teachers. :) Fortunately, no bullies either. At the previous schools, when I asked what he did at school, he’d shrug, “I didn’t do anything. (or just spooning – montessori makes your fingers strong.)”

Every time I drop him off at school, I so wish I were a kid again so that I could enjoy all the classroom activities. They look so educational and fun.

Jonathan’s favorite class is Science by Ms. Sandy (last year his favorite was music by Ms. Voon.) And he said Ms. Lily, the Spanish teacher, asked him to say so many many words that he was very tired. But today he knows Blanco, Verde, and Azure.

And everyday EVERYDAY you picked a few rocks from the playground for mommy & daddy to show your love for us. Sometimes the teacher, Ms. Erin, threw them all away, saying that it’s not ok. You got sad, but you still hid 2 rocks in your jacket for me and daddy.

You’re also proud to be “Cupid”.

And you think your baby sister is so cute that you don’t know what to do น่ารักจนไม่รู้จะทำยังไงเลย You like to call her “Soap Bar” (her skin is as smooth as a soap bar), “หนาหนี่ Nani”, and Poopy (“when she smells like poop.”)


Our baby sister is also starting her new school. Poor baby. :( You cried your eyes out.

You’re so cute. But, at 16 months, you still can’t say mommy. I think one reason is that your previous Spanish-immersion school called you Mama/ Mommy (Peruvians really call babies mamas?) And here at your new school, Bright Horizons, daddy noticed that a Spanish teacher also called you “mama” again! So every time I ask you, “Where’s mommy/ mama?”, you’ll point at yourself. :~~~~

Oh but sometimes she says Mae uuummmmm แม่ อุ้มมมมมม
And when she’s not happy she says NAE! แน่ะ แน่ะ  What a feisty baby!

You’re the most beautiful baby.
You like to dance and love shoes.
You love your brother.

You think you and I are both called “mommy”. น้องชอบเขิน You make a funny smiley face when we asked where’s mommy.   You call your dolls – Pooh bear, Google bear, and Minnie – baby. You put a blanket on Baby Minnie and shhhh… and pat her belly/back. เลี้ยงน้องเก่งจังเลยจ้ะ

So…you know daddy and bro, and you think you’re mommy & your dolls are your babies! Daddy says you’re very competitive :) — vying for mommy’s position. ^_^

Mommy still misses grandpa a lot. Still wakes up missing him deeply.
And still cries once or twice a week.
All happy, bittersweet tears. Just sad for the years gone by.
I understand the concepts of impermanence and Buddhism. But I can’t help missing the ones we have strong bonds with and the pillar of my life…

Jonathan likes to point out the moon and says that grandpa is up there. You even told me that we can actually see Khun ta again – with a rocket! “ความจริงเราไปหาคุณตาก็ได้นะ … ด้วย rocket ไง” My thoughtful, considerate boy.

P.S. Still lots of work and time pressure these days. Also lots of illnesses. :~ We’re too exhausted, but also can’t stop either – just got to keep going. For the kids and for everyone.

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